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Insurance and restoration companies.
Audits of the property before and after the insurance claim

Matterport Service Partner

Matterport Service Partner

The advantage of an immersive 3D tour

For insurance companies, claims agents, restoration companies and homeowners alike, our 3D virtual tours offer the most accurate, transparent and fair documentation and assessments, making it easier to close cases.For insurance companies, claims agents, restoration companies and homeowners alike, our 3D virtual tours offer the most accurate, transparent and fair documentation and assessments, making it easier to close cases.

Our 3D data platform provides the most comprehensive, accurate and efficient loss documentation possible by reducing time spent in space, rectifying discrepancies between damage claims and saving time.

Benefits for Insurance Companies

Los recorridos virtuales 3D ofrecidos por Gekkota aseguran la más alta precisión al procesar reclamaciones, reduciendo discrepancias y tiempos de viaje necesarios para verificar trabajos, reduciendo costes generales y ofreciendo un mejor servicio al cliente.
  • Improve accuracy and reduce the claim cycle

  • Adjust remotely and reduce travel time

  • Improve operational transparency with the ability to share links to 3D spaces to all stakeholders
  • Improve the quality of service by allowing the insurance company's adjusters to review losses remotely with the precise dimensions of the property
  • Improve the customer service experience for policyholders by closing claims faster
  • Add additional notes and details with MattertagsTM
  • Improve responses to catastrophic events when expert teams are busy, allowing people to be brought home and business to resume more quickly
  • Train and educate remotely with photorealistic 3D experiences that are more cost-effective than virtual reality studios

Benefits for Insurance Adjusters

The 3D virtual tours offered by Gekkota generate tours, schematic floor plans and other resources to save time and ensure you get fair deals.

  • Create admissible documentation in trials with spaces that cannot be manipulated
  • Adjust cases remotely and reduce travel time to work sites
  • Reduce sketching time by up to 70%
  • Take the jury to a scene with 3D tours
  • Add additional notes and details with MattertagsTM
  • Improve negotiation for clients with the most detailed documentation and information possible

Benefits for Forensic Professionals

Capture a building or space accurately and get the most accurate documentation and measurements possible. Our 3D virtual tours can help you provide undisputed evidence while reducing disruption to the restoration work.
  • Create trial-acceptable documentation with tamper-proof scans
  • Preserve a scene and avoid rewriting
  • Take the jury to a scene with 3D tours
  • Ensure confidentiality and authenticity by blurring faces and using time tags
  • Ahorre tiempo y mejore la precisión con planos de planta esquemáticos y herramientas de medición
  • Add additional notes and details with MattertagsTM
  • Improve collaboration with the ability to share 3D models with engineers, surveyors, insurance companies and policyholders


Provide comprehensive loss documentation and eliminate hundreds of photographs, measurements and written documents with 3D paths.
  • Increase revenue by providing the most accurate documentation.
  • Receive automatically generated Xactimate Sketch files
  • Remote estimation and reduction of travel time
  • Accelerate claim approvals and close cases faster with more detailed documentation and by eliminating incomplete photos, manual measurements and repeated visits
  • Improves transparency and collaboration with photos and documentation that cannot be altered
  • Reduce the number of insured damage claims with a pre-mitigation scan that captures everything in its current state
  • Document pre- and post-mitigation scenarios to track progress
  • Improve the quality of repairs and customer satisfaction by providing transparency and ensuring that no detail is overlooked
  • Add additional notes and details with Mattertags™
  • Document without electricity, light or internet access with a portable design, long lasting batteries and accessories available
  • Avoid repeat visits to properties due to unsatisfied photos and measurements
  • Reduce disputes between surveyors and contractors with an undisputed source of truth


Get an accurate and comprehensive way to document your home or business and all assets within it, and expedite your claim if you need to make one.
  • Create a complete record of the condition of the property
  • Accurate inventory of belongings and other assets in your home or building
  • Reduce discrepancies and disputes with insurance companies
  • Add additional notes and details with MattertagsTM
  • Expedite the entire claim process, reducing the need to provide documentation or receipts in some cases



Embed annotations and media in your digital twin to highlight key features of your property.

Schematic Floor Plans

Generate schematic floor plans of your property with the push of a button.


Measure any aspect of your space, such as walls, windows, furniture, and more.

High Definition Photos

4K print quality photography automatically generated; or choose your own


A bundle of digital assets you can download, edit, and import into 3rd party programs.

Guided Tours

Automatically generate video tours that highlight the attributes of your space.


  • 3D visit in 4K HDR.
  • Interactive tags (Mattertags)
  • Compatible with VR devices
  • Photographs in 4K HDR.
  • 360º photographs
  • Guided visits
  • Dollhouse view.
  • Plan View.
  • 360º exterior views
  • Social networks button.
  • Google Street View
  • GPS Location
  • Cloud hosting service.
  • 2D plans.
  • View in video format.
  • Technical formats OBJ, XYZ.
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