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  2017     |         London - UK     |          Online reservations system for Joomla & wordpress


Jomres is an online booking system for Joomla & Wordpress, developed by Vince Wooll & Aladar Barthi, with a long history in the market. They selected us to update, renew and maintain their website.
In a few months they have managed to project a more professional image, a better web positioning and monetized their results.
Web design for Jomres

I have had the please of working with Gekkota several times recently and I'm delighted to say that they have been an absolute trooper whenever I've asked them to do things for me.
Very knowledgable, extremely professional and I couldn't recommend them more highly. 5 stars.

avatar1 bn Vince Wooll | Owner of Jomres | UK

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