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Web design in Wordpress & Joomla

We use the best CMS on the market.

Self-managing web pages... you will have control of all your content

At Gekkota, we are experts in using the best CMS (Content Management Systems) on the market, such as Joomla and Wordpress. We have more than 12 years of experience in the development of self-managed websites.

With a self-manageable website, you will be able to publish new content on your website, without depending on third parties, so it will be much more agile to make changes, modifications and updates. You should also bear in mind that not depending on third parties will allow you to control your costs. Being able to update your content on the web is essential not only to improve your SEO, but also to show news and promotions to your customers.

Our self-managed websites are unique

...we make sure that your web design is unique and distinguishable from your competitors...


You will be able to edit all the contents of your website easily and whenever you want. We will show you how to do it.


Your website will adapt to any mobile phone or tablet. And it will be fast and intuitive.

Basic SEO

Your website will be designed to be well positioned from the first moment, with a friendly structure with SEO rules.


We apply the latest trends to your website both in design and functionality.


Your website will be friendly and offer a good user experience..


Your website will be ready to be enlarged whenever you need it, expanding contents or adding functionalities.

Benefits of self-managed websites

  • adjust the content to what you need at any given time, for example, insert promotions, modify the characteristics of your products, create, modify or delete web pages, articles, or change the commercial strategy when necessary
  • freedom of organisation and structuring, with the possibility of creating sections, changing them outside or inside others, with no limit on the number of pages
  • rich text editor, which allows you to give the desired format to the text, inserting links, lists, tables, and multimedia content online
  • manager integrated into the design of the website, without separate addresses, as the page is displayed, the "modify" button allows you to change it, and save it on the fly
  • control of all aspects: position and title in the page menu, setting the URL, keywords, meta-description, how it will appear in the sitemap.xml...
  • published / unpublished mode, which allows you to save content in draft mode, prepare content for the next release, or temporarily remove pages without deleting them
  • without limits, allows to extend the functionalities of the website easily.

Do you need a website that you can manage yourself? We can help you...

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