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UI/UX design

User experience design. We design interfaces and experiences for web and mobile platforms.

Our core competencies are designing user interfaces and user experiences for web, mobile web and native apps. We are usually involved in projects where UI/UX experts are needed to improve the usability and accessibility areas of website or app design, but we often work with startups on UI and user experience design in the early stages of development.

A matter of balance

The design process of a user interface (UI) must balance the meaning of its visual elements with the user experience (UX) of those elements from a technical engineering perspective.


User interface design

In web or application development, interaction with the user interface design should always be natural, and navigation elements and calls to action should make immediate sense.


User experience design

There is no magic formula or set of rules for designing a website that offers excellent UX design. It's really about focusing on the fundamentals and defining the user personas.


User interface and visual design

When we start working on the wireframes and the implementation of the framework, we finally get to the actual visual design that goes on top of it. The focus is on the actual design, such as the overlay, fonts, colours, buttons and other elements. At this point we also focus on the uniqueness of the product and help you integrate the ideal interaction of your brand into the platform.


Designing interactions

It is important to understand that user interface design is a critical component in the success of your application. Even if the app idea is great, you need to get users to actually use it and keep using it. A successful app is a combination of a great idea, a great user experience and a great user interface. So don't let your user interface get in the way of launching a successful app and don't waste your time taking on this challenging project yourself.

UI/UX design methods

How it works

Designing an optimal user experience for a website or app starts with creating a site for your visitors by understanding your target audience. From there, it's about designing the framework of the website or app using information about user behaviour, studying the main source of traffic, understanding customer demographics, taking into account existing analytics data and much more. By gathering all the data and organising the website design, elements such as navigation, content, layout and additional features can be created.

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