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Service Terms & conditions

Below we detail the inclusions and exclusions of the maintenance plans and other support services

  1. Minor tweaks required to keep your website running and looking right are not included. These may include (but are not limited to) fixing browser rendering issues due to browser updates; plugin or theme issues that appear after a software update; adjustment of CSS for minor branding changes (color, logo, typography, etc.); troubleshooting and fixing features or functions that stop working inexplicably.
  2. Gekkota Studio will provide support for a website’s existing plugins until such time as they are no longer supported by the plugin author or compatible with any other part of the Joomla or WordPress environment. In these cases, Gekkota will endeavor to find and install suitable replacements for these plugins (Time spent on the installation and adaptation of these new extensions is not included in maintenance plans)
  3. Bug-fixing as it arises. It is understood that in some cases, due to the changing nature of the Internet, things may not work or look identically to how they did prior to maintenance or bug-fixing. As long as there is no usability or accessibility issue created, the bug or maintenance issue shall be considered resolved. That said, Gekkota Studio will always do our best to keep your website working and looking as great as possible.
  4. Websites must keep all customizations separate from files that are part of recurring software updates. If Client website code is overwritten due to a theme/template or extension update the Company will not be responsible in any way. The Client has to inform Gekkota of any customization on the core code of the CMS. Time spent on fixing errors derived from these changes are not included on maintenance plans
  5. Maintenance plans do not include the update of commercial extensions or themes/templates. The client will be responsible of buying the licence of those extensions to be able to keep site updated, alternatively Gekkota Studio will maintain the license on your behalf but the price of those commercial extensions is not included on any of the maintenance plans.
  6. Maintenance Plans are offered “as is”, with no implied warranty or guarantee that your website will function exactly as you wish (there are sometimes limitations as to what extensions work together, what hosting companies will allow, or what requirements 3rd-party components and plugins will have).
  7. Gekkota is not responsible for any errors derived from the usage of the backend of the site from other admin users.
  8. Major Joomla or WP updates that require migration of data, are not included in maintenance plans.
  9. Our maintenance plans do not have a fixed price. Get in contact with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can study your case and offer you a maintenance plan that suits your needs.

Support services

In addition to the services offered with the maintenance plans, Gekkota Studio offers assistance with creating web pages in Joomla or WordPress. We will help to solve problems and update and redesign content. Additionally we can assist with other matters such as installation and management of new extensions, hosting accounts, domains, emails and any other advice and consulting matters. These services will be developed under budget or for a price of 40€ / hour + VAT (if aplicable). You have at your disposal a 10 hours package for 350€ + VAT (if aplicable).

  1. All communications for support or incidences will be done by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Communications done through other ways, as whatsapp, may not be answered.
  2. We are committed to trying to correct any problem in less than 48 hours, whenever possible. Urgent orders may incur in additional fees.


After the client confirms that they agree to the maintenance plan's contract,  Gekkota Studio will request information necessary (for example FTP access, access to the cPanel, access to the hosting account and access to the backend of the website.) to do the work on the client's behalf. Once this information is received, Gekkota will initiate maintenance services and issue an invoice for the first month's charge, which will be due in full within the next 15 days, otherwise, all maintenance services will be canceled immediately.


There is no commitment to stay, unless otherwise agreed upon when making the contract. The customer may cancel the services at any time, unable to claim refunds for any payments made before cancellation.

Gekkota also reserves the right to cancel its maintenance or support services with any client, at any time and for any reason, promising to notify the client in writing.

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