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Microsites & Landing Pages Design

Influence the decisions of your buyers. Boost your business and generate more leads online.

Landing pages vs microsites

The microsites and landing pages are ideal for launching specific offers and promotions.

microsite is a page used to promote something, such as a service, product or even an event with a clear objective.It has to be a design that makes an impact, although it does not need to be worked on a lot since they are often limited in time, in other words, that promotion or event ends and you no longer need to have it.

The landing page is key when you have a website or online shop in which you want to highlight a product or service above the rest, making it coincide with the intention of searching for the target audience, with the main objective of achieving leads and increasing sales.

At Gekkota we specialise in web design, landing page design and microsite designContact us and we will advise you on what is best for you to promote that particular product or service.

What is a Landing page?

landing page is a page designed exclusively to convert visitors into leads or users into customers, showing itself as one of your best allies to achieve success with your web project.

The design of a landing page must be focused on seducing the user and capturing the attention of the public, since this way we will manage to increase the possibilities of them converting. To do so, it must have quality, unique and relevant content, and an attractive and intuitive design that favours a good user experience.

It is important that when designing the landing page we include "call to action", designed to capture the attention of visitors and get them to become leads, as well as designing a strategy focused on our target audience and to help us attract users.

At Gekkota we optimise the landing page for SEO, since the greater the optimisation, the greater the visibility of the website and therefore the chances of receiving visitors who end up converting.

What is a Microsite?

On a microsite, web design is key. You must create a striking and concise web design that transmits the values of the product, service or promotion quickly and that allows you to obtain an immediate performance.

Microsites tend to be websites of limited duration, as they are usually linked to the promotion of a specific product. Choosing a good domain name is key to achieving a fast positioning of the microsite in search engines.

A microsite can be made up of several pages, with a menu and navigation structure. In other words, the content is diversified. They are complete websites that can include up to 5 pages of content.

One-page websites are ideal for setting up a microsite. At Gekkota we adapt to the needs of your company, offering you the best solutions to improve your online presence and promote your products and services.

Boost your business and generate more leads online

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