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Corporate Website Design

web design for all types of companies and businesses.

Your presentation letter on the Internet

At Gekkota, we design corporate websites in collaboration with you and your ideas. We will provide you with our experience and knowledge to create a corporate website that offers the best image we can show of your company or business.

With our corporate websites you will be able to manage all the content of your website, whether it be editing sections, publishing news or articles, expanding photo galleries, etc.

In addition, we will look for our corporate web design to adapt to the corporate image of your company, making sure it is an attractive design but taking into account the usability so that whoever accesses it via mobile phones or tablets can have the best possible user experience.

Finally, we would like to highlight that our corporate websites have an optimum initial SEO work so that we can climb positions in Google search results more quickly.

Our corporate websites are unique

...because every client is different. No two companies are the same. But what our websites have in common is...


You will be able to edit all the contents of your website easily and whenever you want. We will show you how to do it.


Your website will adapt to any mobile phone or tablet. And it will be fast and intuitive.

Basic SEO

Your website will be designed to be well positioned from the first moment, with a friendly structure with SEO rules.


We apply the latest trends to your website both in design and functionality.


Your website will be friendly and offer a good user experience.


Your website will be ready to be enlarged whenever you need it, expanding contents or adding functionalities.

Benefits of taking care of coherence in a corporate website

Unifying the image and style of the brand in all channels, both online and offline, that are used is not a mere whim of design. Enhancing this aspect in any brand offers a number of benefits:

  • Ease of recognition: Users will know at all times that the content they are viewing comes from that brand.
  • Reliability: Being able to quickly recognise the content, users trust more than what the brand offers.
  • User loyalty: They will look for the brand's content among all the competitors, and when they recognise it, they will be the first ones to want to consult it.
  • Online reputation: The coherence of the corporate identity and style strengthens the brand, and improves the online reputation.

Although it is the first characteristic on our list, remember that it is not a mere visual requirement, but rather a strength that can boost brands.

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